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This is a video of Thomas L. Friedman speaking at a college. Enjoy.

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Chapter 5
American and Free Trade, is Ricardo Still Right?

The argument is whether to send jobs over seas or keep all jobs in the US. Freidman believes that sending jobs overseas only causes a problem when new jobs aren’t being created. To say that is bad you are assuming everything that will be invented has says Freidman. This thinking critically affects our generation especially in the state the economy is in today. Outsourcing is fine as long as other businesses are being created and new employees are needed. In these times, now being referred to as a recession, businesses are not growing and existing business are not opening more positions. Employing Americans is a large expense and when a company is facing lower sales outsourcing jobs to those who will do it for half the price is a viable solution.

Points for the power point
• David Ricardo (1772-1823)
• Human wants and needs are infinite
• New specialties
• Demonizing Free Markets

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Here are the two paragraphs I wrote but I may go back and fine tune them. The first paragraph is an introduction to the triple convergence and the second refers it to the fashion industry.
“An era in which technology will transform every aspect of business, every aspect of life and every aspect of society” (Friedman, 232). Technology has been an ongoing aspect of life since the inception of time. It has changed the way humans think, feel, and view the world around them. Innovations such as the internet, computers, and cable television has allowed for humans to not only view their local environment, but become more aware of places they have never even visited. Technological advances such as these forces people learn new business practices, work with multi-purpose machines, and realize that competition within all levels of business are not only found in one’s own country. These elements combined form what author Thomas L. Friedman calls the “triple convergence”. It is the ideas that with advances in technology people have to alter their business practices, learn new technologies, and think horizontally rather than vertically. With this in mind several industries will have to readjust through adaption in order to survive.
Technology, globalization, and fashion have always been factors that work hand in hand. With the inception of organic fabrics, Hong Kong becoming a new power source for fashion, and New York, Milan, Paris, and London remaining fashion capitals, the fashion industry is an ever changing business. However, due to the tripe convergence fashion will be affected in a way that it never has before. “Individuals who never dreamt they could work together , and jobs no one ever dreamt could be shifted from country to country , are suddenly on the move, now that many traditional high walls are gone (Friedman 231)”. With this idea economic barriers have been crossed and the world is opening up to become a more globalized place. This will have a major affect on the fashion industry because jobs that were traditionally all American are now international. Having a degree in fashion along with industry experience will no longer be enough. One will have to be bilingual, willing to travel internationally, and have even more technologically knowledge than before. Students from Stephens College in Missouri will soon be competing with fashion students from Dubai, India for jobs in Hong Kong.
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Also, here are some things I listed on my powerpoint slides:
Slide 1
Convergence I
Work flow and software and hardware converged in a way that enabled scanning printing faxing and copying to occur from the same machine “(203)
More people in more places have the power to access the flat world to connect compete collaborate and unfortunately destroy than ever before. (205)

Slide 2
Convergence II
Introducing a new technology alone is never enough to boost productivity. (205)
The boost in productivity occurs when there is a combination of new ways of doing business and new technology.
New skill sets are required.

Slide 3

Convergence III
China, India, Russia, Easter Europe, Latin America, and Central Asia joined the free market around 1990.
Beware these countries can compete cheaper and the people are more readily available.
Zippies are on the rise.
Pressures of the market place are on.
The dot com bust and 9/11 occurred while no one was looking.
The wiring of the world with fiber optic cable, the internet, and workflow software has blown down many walls.
This is just the beginning.
Slide 4
The video from you tube
Slide 5
Flat vs. Round

Flat World
New York, Milan, Paris, and London fashion capitals.

Fashion degree+ industry experience+ hard work = Desired Career.

Round World
China, India, Russia, Eastern Europe, Latin America, and Central Asia’s ability to open up, and join the free market game.
Fashion degree+ industry experience+ technological knowledge + being bilingual +international mobility+ hard work = Desired Career

Notes from Check point :
Great Sorting Out – Speak about how some ineffiency might be good. Tell why
Are you Cost co or Wal-Mart minded ?
Discuss where companies start and stop and how they are not linked to one city in particular.
(244) Why is the global economy in the free fall?
Discuss how there’s nothing good about globalization necessarily.
Discuss how being so technologically savvy and connected isn’t always good and how it feels as if you’re never off of work (as Michelle Hodak mentioned in class).
(250) Wal-Mart vs. Costco
Speak about Costco from a fashion standpoint .
America and the Flat World- Pro vs. Free (265)
Discuss racing to the top not the bottom
Good quality, more communication, and standard of living, EU is everywhere, there’s a problem elaborate and do a little extra research.
Untouchables- Personal every person is competing against everyone justify. Value is important and people cannot slack because ones job has to be justified. Discuss how to make yourself untouchable, How do you make sure you get a job, keep it, and not loose it. How is this important to those of us who are graduating?
Discuss the educational system and lifelong learning. What’s going on the educational system? There’s a quiet crisis with Americans.
Chinese are thinking what’s wrong with the Americans there’s a quiet crisis.
Mention how the NBA b-ball team had huge egos but got beat and finally used teamwork to win. This symbolized a turnaround for America.
Discuss how the availability of google allows people to publish more obscure things.
Scientists’ and engineers needed for Oil companies.
Americans need to watch out for countries that are having high productivity such as China because we are shipping jobs overseas however, if China starts designing Americans will have to watch out.
Chapter 9- (378) Start political ability and economic ability. America has lost its ability to produce.
Discuss ways to fix it in regards to leadership and parenting good fat bad fat and how we fix it.

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