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A country that has developed really well and will continue to succeed as the world flattens is Ireland. One major beginning factor is their well-educated workforce. In the 60s, they eliminated the fee for secondary education and “in 1996, Ireland made public college education basically free” (Friedman, 2007, p.418). This resulted in a huge success with over half of the world’s top pharmaceutical, medical device and software firm companies all located in Ireland making it the second richest country in the European Union. In addition to the other changes Ireland made in order to survive from going broke in the 80s, flexible labor laws was one that also made a huge difference. This is because other companies are looking for not only cheap labor, but who is the most productive for their money. Friedman (2007) states that when looking for this cheap, productive labor, a “country has to get these four basics right, infrastructure, education, governance, and environment” (p.419).
The way that this relates to fashion is which countries design companies in the United States decide to work with. While making sure they are keeping up with the four basics, it is extremely important that interested countries meet them too. “The jobs are going to go where the best-educated workforce is with the most competitive infrastructure and environment for creativity and supportive government” (Friedman, 2007, p.420). By meeting the four basics, one’s company is making it pleasurable to work with, gaining an impressive reputation that other countries would beg to work with.

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