Group E-Culture Matters

In addition to following Ireland’s footpaths, culture is another key factor that makes a country or culture successful as the world flattens. It is surprisingly an important characteristic and “the more you have a culture that naturally glocalizes- that is, the more your culture easily absorbs foreign ideas and global best practices and melds those with its own traditions-the greater advantage you have in a flat world” (Friedman, 2007, p.422). Cultures that have the natural ability to glocalize is the Indian culture, the American culture, the Japanese culture and the Chinese culture. Ones that have been struggling are Arab-Muslim countries and cultures. They will have to learn soon that by not adopting or adapting another culture, they will be stuck in the same position they have always been in while everyone else advances around them. In some cases they will be forced to change in order to survive and in other cases, it is when terrorists attacks occur and more groups like these can form. Change is nothing to be feared. There have been cultures in the past that have changed like Japan and Germany.
“In a flat world, the division of labor is steadily becoming more and more complex, with a lot more people interacting with a lot of other people they don’t know and may never meet” (Friedman, 2007, p.423). This definitely relates to fashion because there is so much off shore production that is done between countries with different cultures. Both parties have to tolerate each other’s culture and give a little by adapting and adopting in order to build strong relationships and secure an everlasting trust with the company for a reliable, long-term partnership.

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