Group C - Here Comes Everybody

Hello Group members,
This is Lise and Sharonda. We wanted to post a page for our second book so that we can discuss and collaborate with any questions we may have as we read. If you haven't started reading don't freak out. I am only one chapter in and it is an easier and more enjoyable read than the World Is Flat, in my opinion. I plan to try to finish reading this weekend. If everyone could try to make a little headway this weekend that'd be awesome. The sooner we can try to get this out of the way the better. I don't know if you all agree but it's just a thought. If anyone has an idea of when we should start our meetings for this project post on here so that everyone can see please. Great job on world is flat everybody. I thought we did great. Thanks for all the positivity, it makes the group project experience so much nicer.


The Power of One This You Tube video is interesting(and short!), has some other ideas about the book. -Jenn

Hey everyone. I totally found this awesome youtube video. It is about 40 minutes long and is the taping of a lecture the author did speaking about the book. It's great to watch to get you caught up with what the point of the book is. [] Check it out. ~Lise - check this site out! Very interesting!! -Jenn

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