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  • UPS, not just delivering packages, but rather synchronizing global supply chain
  • Toshiba labtop repairs are done through UPS
  • UPS fills orders for Nike and Jockey
  • UPS has been called the "Think Tank" company
  • UPS has reduced service costs and increased service
  • Drivers carry DIAD's (driver delivery information acquistion devices) that tell them where to load packages on the truck, where the next stop is, and if he has gone to the wrong address
  • Insourcing for UPS has pulled in $2.4 billion in revenue

Basically UPS is doing all the behind the scenes work for many large companies, such as filling orders, shipping orders, and doing repairs.

UPS has won over the trust of many companies and have continued to grow rapidly.

Below is a video of Thomas Friedman talking about insourcing.

Kayla Greentree

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