Current Issues Presentations

Each student should provide links and a short description of their current issue presented in class. Please feel free to add additional links if you couldn't cover them all in class!

Meghan Manderschied:
My topic was relating the Presidential Election to fashion by showing the influence that women in power hold on the country through appearance, confidence and self esteem. I compared Sarah Palin to Jackie Kennedy. The site I used was and I also made a word document of photos.

Morgan Epperson
My topic covered unethical jewelry. I used the sites and for my information and the youtube video

Samantha henson
My topic was about the depletion of pennies. Here are the links to the sites that I used in my presentation:
funny penny video:
Redesigned penny site:,4644,5162,00.html#6_0

Heather Thorgaard
My topic was about how personal fashion blogs are becoming really popular. They are popping up everywhere because of sites like & others that allow users to post anything from pictures to videos. I find myself often checking my favorite fashion blogs before my e-mail & other things in the morning. They are so interesting and some of my favorite ones really have started a career so-to-say from their blog. It's a really cool and unique trend that I defintely see continuing.
These are my two favorite fashion blogs:

Melissa Theisen
My topic is about the new show Stylista on the CW. mainly it is ELLE looking for a new Fashion Editor and made a show about 11 people "interning" for the job…here is a little video that I plan on showing in class…
Watching this show scares the crap out of me and wanting to work for a big company… So I am starting my own business…

my current event is on our new first lady elect's wardrobe, and what she is going to bring to the white house as she makes history, and what she wore for the acceptance speech!

Megan Wagaman
My topic was on how online retailers are sending more e-mails than ever to try to get customers to shop. The article is titled Online retailers pushing e-mail discounts: But barrage of messages meant to lure shoppers may be driving them away.

Emily Pierce

I discussed the issue about Governor Sarah Palin's wardrobe expenses within the presidential campaign. The article I sourced, "Palin's Fashion-Gate" can be found at

Allyce King

My current event was on how IBM bought a new design program that will replace existing design software such as illustrator or photoshop to create clothing designs. It is similar to a 3D model like the Sims games. The video I showed in class is :

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